Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring of the Year of Faith!

Mrs Therese Chamblee (and hubby Michael) with Chris and Jim Bullock, brought us back to our 80's roots in Brown County In, St Agnes Parish! Cricket taught some spirituality and healthy cooking the night before! (sorry, I have no pictures---they were having too much fun and I was visiting my mama in Indy)
Cricket then led a highly interactive day of reflection called "Our Call To Holiness"---this was an interdenominational group of women and a wonderful spirit filled day.
After playing with good friends at the weekend masses, Jerry gave a Prayer Concert Sunday evening with a wonderful group of folks not only there, but many joining in the singing! Cricket led 3 short reflections from her book, Talitha Kumi.

Long time friends and musicians from our days at the Catholic Youth Camp in brown county --(we're talking the 1960's now thank you very much; we were all counselors and Cricket was a cook!)-- John Hannan on wonderful guitar and Joe Miller giving beautiful help on the piano---and vocals!
"when the rain falls, I will see it as your mercy, from your hands..."
the banjo helps with a tune I wrote while driving across the Midwest---"I get lost, found, and a few small repairs....on a road of prayer."
The whole church sang with us on a song John and I sang at each others' weddings 4 decades ago...."No storm can shake my inmost calm, while to that Rock I'm clinging....
Below, our evening ended with a rousing "Lights of the City" (this is a St. Agnes Easter tradition! sometimes even accompanied by women dancing in the back!) led by John Aumage (to my right), Jonathan Bolte, Jn Hannan, Angie Aumage, Cricket, and Joe Miller. I played the banjo to this Michael Murphy (remember Wildfire?) Spiritual + and went to the back just to hear this heavenly body giving Easter praise to the Light of the World!

We were so blessed to be there again and especially thank our sound engineer Rich Drew, and the Chamblees and Bullocks for hosting us!



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