Thursday, March 31, 2011

December 2010!

December‘s first weekend brought a wonderful ministry to our home. Michael john and Mary Poirier we're giving a couple of retreats in at the Atlanta area; they have had a full Time Motor home ministry for over a decade while raising three children! (they are now off the road). I had contacted them when we first began, and although our ministries are different in many ways, we are able to share a great deal that we have in common. Praying with and learning from their music and message was a highlight of 2010. I have told Michael John he has inspired my music in a brand new way and I owe him a very large cup of coffee! Check the family out at   

The following weekend we returned to Blairsville Georgia to provide a retreat for secular Franciscan leadership. This included some time on developing leadership when serving volunteers. Since this topic was at the core of jerry's corporate career, Jerry had designed a couple of specialized presentations/interactions on the different skill sets and styles of leadership.

Although time had to be spent in Florida getting the estate in order, Nika and her family came from Spain and spent another month with us---and were soon joined by all the rest of the family. We had felt for a long time that this may be our last Christmas season in this home as we get it ready to sell.

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