Thursday, March 31, 2011

September 2010!

On our return trip from Canada, MN, and KC in September, we visited cricket's high school reunion in St. Louis, where of course, cricket was awarded the’ best preserved’ recognition (since she still looks like she's in high school).  She so enjoyed the Friday night celebration that we returned for Sunday afternoon after a side trip to a family reunion in Brown County, Indiana on Saturday.  Jerry returned to Indiana a week later for his high school reunion.  In grade school, Jerry had a band and the lead singer is now a professor of music at Marian university.  That singer is Dr. Jim Larner, and Jim and Jerry provided jazz music for the reunion on a wonderful Saturday evening in Indianapolis.  (Jerry performs as a jazz guitarist and vocalist frequently in the Atlanta area, especially  as a longtime member of the Sentimental Journey Orchestra, the From there Jerry traveled to Maryland to sing at a wedding and reception near Chesapeake Bay.

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