Thursday, March 31, 2011

January 2011!

January of 2011 was marked by a family trip in the motorhome to the frozen tundra of the University of Michigan to watch our daughter Laura become Dr. Laura!  She successfully defended her dissertation on her first attempt and we had a wonderful celebration with her faculty and friends! 

The month ended with a retreat offered for our fraternity in Chattanooga Tennessee.  We were created thereby two people who separately told us that our retreat for them a year ago had helped them make nearly miraculous changes in their life and attitude.  What was compelling to me about their comments was that their circumstances had not really changed at all, but their lives had!  They felt that they had developed a much better spiritual perspective on their current state, and that we had helped.  This is wonderfully affirming because it is certainly at the heart of the service we want to provide.

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