Thursday, March 31, 2011

October 2010!

October began with Cricket and Jerry doing some music and teaching at a Franciscan parish to celebrate the Transitus of St Francis of Assisi. Jerry wrote a song for this occasion that one Friar insisted be on the next cd! But October then became a time heavily involved with Cricket's extended family as her brother Dr. Buzz Stulac passed away after a relatively short fight with cancer. Buzz had spent many years caretaking Cricket’s parents in his home, prior to their passing a few years ago. Recently, he had been taking his 2 well trained St. Bernards to hospices, youth groups, and homes for ‘pet therapy’ for the infirm. His memorial service was held with as many dogs as people! The relative sadness of this event has meant that Cricket and Jerry have spent a lot of time helping with the needs that arise in this way.  

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