Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer 2011! 3 year ministry anniversary!

It was three years ago that Jerry walked into a meeting with a CEO and said, without a 'plan B', that he and his beloved had felt a call to be full time in service to the Church. Although he has been blessed to occasionally consult on special projects, the call was to be 'on call'--- to 'open our calendar', and to be available where we were needed, to offer our service in teaching, praying, and music. Thank you Lord for our opportunity to serve you!

The spring  included a few trips into NC and FL, as Cricket is working on a new writing project that we’ll talk about shortly. She did lead a couple of SFO retreats in May/June, and continues to pray with people nearby in spiritual direction. Our Lord has placed her at the bedside of a few friends heading to eternal rest as well. Cricket also helped with leading some prayer teams for the Annual Eucharistic Congress Healing Session.

Jerry is completing work on the new CD. It is all original music and has again included our daughters and son on the recording! It is born of our mission and prayer trips, and we will update this ‘straightaway’! Our daughter, Talia, whom you have heard on several of our CD’s, has moved to NYC to do musical theater full time. In her first month there, she was able to sing at the Kennedy Center in DC and other significant venues!  Jerry has also completed most of the work on the deceased family members’ home in FL, and no longer has to take long trips to there. One of many blessings from that project is a small Catholic school and St. Vincent de Paul society were able to use a huge amount of furniture etc from the estate.

Our next trip begins soon, and includes the North and into Canada. Thank you for your Prayers!