Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter 2012

Just a short update due to requests! We have been doing several prayer hours at our parish during Lent. A special 137 hours of Lenten prayer was beautifully done with adoration and a number of ministries leading. The settings were so reverent that I failed to take pictures!
Jerry has been teaching in the Permanent Deacon program for the Archdiocese, and travelling a great deal to MS, TN, and AL.
Cricket continues to lead retreats and Days of Reflection, as well as her dilgent landscaping and caretaking of our Stations of the Cross prayer path behind our soon to sell home. She also continues as the Spiritual Advisor for a Secular Franciscan fraternity out near the Monastery in Conyers.
At 'press time', we are readying for another long trip into Boston, NY, IN, and MN for concerts, conferences, and missions! Will update during those trips!
God Bless!!!