Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer 2010!

June began with Cricket leading a retreat for the Sisters in Jesus the Lord convent in Kansas City Missouri. She has done several for them over the years, and enjoys a close relationship. This was the first in their new home in KC, where they even took advantage of the basketball court!

The following weekend, she gave a two day women’s retreat at our lady of Lourdes parish. During this time, Sister Josephine gave her a tour of the rosary garden at the retreat center, as seen in the photos.

Sister Josephine then joined us at the regional conference we did for secular Franciscans in Wichita Falls, Kansas, at Newman University. 

 This Juan de Padilla Regional Retreat was the second time we had done with Friar Felix Petrovsky, O.F.M. Capuchin of Colorado, and we were so blessed the to celebrate with him again. (photos of this event are forthcoming, but here is a beautiful email sent to us after the event.)

Thank you both for sharing your gifts of the Holy Spirit with some of us Secular Franciscans. Cricket's words have been prompting me to ask myself if I am learning to cooperate fully with grace, to rebuild my life just as Francis was asked to rebuild God's church. And since the retreat, I have made it a point to remind myself of the "crazy busyness" of the world and try to set aside some time each day for quiet time. It has not been easy. I have found that just driving my car to the next errand can be a wonderful time of solitude and quiet. I especially liked the words concerning the proper disposition for Mass, particularly the part about anticipating. At this retreat I enjoyed the opportunity provided by Jerry to get to know someone in the group I did not know well. In this way, I got to know so many of my fellow Franciscans in the region. All in all, I believe it was a very grand experience, and I thank you both again!

Peace and blessings!! Alice

Here are a few comments from the Day Of Reflection we served for the American Council of Catholic Women (AACW) retreat .... pictures to follow!

I, personally, felt the Day of Reflection was perfect. The timing, the presentation, everything. It was a very difficult time for the three sisters, in light of all they had just gone through, but I think it was also good for them to be with us, knowing how much we love them and share in their grief. Cricket and Jerry were awesome and helped in identifying some stressors in our lives that we can eliminate and it was just a seemingly perfect day! This is what a RETREAT is all about!!!

Cricket's gentle and humble message combined with Jerry's gift of music intertwined to bring us a message that we are all important in the eyes of God no matter where we are in life; even in the darkest times we are never alone and when necessary He will carry us. Each of us are called to strive towards having a Mary’s heart, to find the time to sit at Jesus’s feet, to renew our spirit, to refresh our soul in the busyness of a Martha’s world.  NOT EASY BUT WITH HIM ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!! 

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