Friday, April 1, 2011

April 2011!

In mid march we returned to the northern edge of Minneapolis to provide a mission for Saint Patrick’s Church of Forest Lake Minnesota. Some of my photos didn't turn out, but you can see the 4 inches that fell on the last day we were there! But there was nothing but warmth in this parish retreat we led there. Both morning and evening sessions were well attended and the prayers of this community led by Fr. DeGrood and Fr. Joppa and the Deacons were at the core of the Lenten season. We were blessed to stay with Deacon Ralph and Louise for the 2nd time, and were so blessed that Jerry wrote a song called "A Grandparent's Blessing" which he sang one night and will be, yes indeed, on the new cd! Cricket led a special session on Intercessory Prayer and the passion of this parish for the presence of the Holy Spirit is even mightier than the winter winds we left when we came back to GA!

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