Friday, April 1, 2011

February 2011!

February began with a visit from longtime friend bob Halligan of Ceili rain.  He was providing music and teaching for a conference north of Atlanta.  Bob is a catholic artist, and as a signed staff songwriter has sold over 30,000,000 records of songs he has collaborated on or written.  In the middle of February we traveled to Indiana to provide a lenten mission for jerry's boyhood parish.  This was a remarkable time of grace to be back in the church where Jerry was baptized, went to grade school, learn to serve mass, was confirmed, and so many important family ceremonies.  Father Paul and Father Chris and staff had done a ton of work to make this mission bring the Hispanic and English speaking parts of the parish together.  The picture you see above of #8 refers to over 30 discussion groups that were orchestrated each evening and included translators so the Spanish and non Spanish speakers could share their experiences and views on the topics of each evening of the retreat! Franciscan Brother Moises, director of Hispanic ministry for the Archdiocese, translated cricket's teachings into his own style and the musicians of Holy Spirit parish also did nearly all the music in a bilingual format.350- 500 people attended each night, and the retreat was structured so that bilingual translators were always a part of the teaching and discussions.  Jerry's brother Kenny, the youngest of his nine siblings, added his wonderful servanthood and humor.  We felt we were experiencing a wonderful fellowship in the Body of Christ!

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