Friday, April 1, 2011

March 2011

In March we were still ‘back home again in Indiana’ (jerry’s boyhood home) and blessed to do a parish mission for St. Louis De Montfort in Fishers Indiana. This team had also done a remarkable amount of pre work; we were guests in two homes and were treated like family! Father Pat and Fr. Jn were so supportive and the themes of the mission and the readings of the daily Mass were strands they helped weave together in unity. The youth director and musicians were also helpful in this integration!There were both morning and evening sessions, and their parish retreat began with a large gathering of youth preparing for Confirmation. When we arrived, we got to see the kids enjoying a full day of teaching and fun from a parishioner who plays for the Indianapolis Colts. Joe emphasizes faith first, then family, and had brought another Colt with him to share their faith with the youth (and adults!)

On Sunday night, the parish rallied as a community for one of their own! The Knights of Columbus sponsored a wonderful supper for a youth group member named Grace (amazing Grace the T shirts said!) as she battles cancer. There were more people, food and joy packed into the parish hall than I would have imagined! It was such a blessing to have our mission kick off with such a stellar example of service to others in a time of need!

Rosie and Jn hosted us the first few nights, and we found at dinner that they had left their careers abruptly years ago---even with a young family, and headed to South America as missionaries! Their children, other couples, and even the parish have been directly involved with continuing that ministry for years! My leaving the corporate world didn't seem all that profound as I listened to their story, and the way it has inspired others. When Jn told me over breakfast that he didn't think it was all that big a thing, in fact he said, "All I said was Yes". I wrote a song based on that beautiful assent and it will be on the new cd.

We were blessed to serve St John Vianney parish of Atlanta with a parish mission.  The Friars of SJV, Fr Gregory and Fr Tim previewed the mission by saying they would be there the whole time because they wanted to renew themselves in Lent as well! It began with a prayer concert for the parish based on "Becoming a Prayer". Monday's sessions included our participation with Christ,  and concluded Tueday night with the Eucharist and Cricket leading her teaching on deepening our experience of the Mass. I hope to have more pictures soon, as this experience was a valuable example of Lenten renewal. On Sunday evening, Fr. Tim told jerry that he believed jerry had 'a song in his heart' for a tender poem Fr. Tim's dad had written about the stations of the cross. Well, he was right. Jerry was so moved by the poem that he put it to music in a short period of time and sang it for the mission monday evening. It will be on the new cd, and Fr Tim will play it for his dad this spring!

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